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Transmission Diagnostics

Each year auto manufacturers are developing more and more sophisticated transmissions that provide greater performance and improved gas mileage. They have gone from completely hydraulic operation to exceedingly complex electronic controls. Properly diagnosing and repairing modern transmissions requires state of the art OBD II scanners with troubleshooting assistance, dual trace lab scopes, electrical troubleshooting tools, electronic shifters to isolate the transmission from the on-board control computers and access to national diagnostic databases.

The most important requirement is highly experienced and trained technicians to use these tools effectively.

If you need transmission repair in Plano or the surrounding areas please give us a call. At Eagle Transmission Plano we invest in the tools, but we also invest in our employees. We provide on-going training and a work environment that allows us to retain superior technicians.

Every day our team works hard to provide the correct repair, done right the first time.