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Transmission Repair

At Eagle Transmission Plano transmission repair  always begins with a FREE initial diagnostic procedure. We first do a thorough test drive to insure that we experience the same problem that the customer reported. We do a visual inspection of the transmission, drive train and transmission fluid level and condition. The next step is to scan the vehicle’s computer to identify any diagnostic codes stored there. If appropriate, we will drop the transmission pan to determine if  significant debris is captured there; we may complete a check of the car’s electrical system to insure good grounds and availability of full battery voltage. Finally, if it is indicated, we will perform hydraulic pressure tests.


It takes some time to perform this FREE diagnosis, but at the completion of it we are able to confirm that the costumer’s complaints are indeed transmission related and whether they are caused by internal mechanical issues or external electrical or electronic issues. With this information we will contact the customer, discuss the next steps and get authorization to proceed with the repair.

Our goal is to save you money by replacing or repairing ONLY the parts that have failed or have excessive wear. We offer a standard 12 Month / 12,000 Mile Warranty. Up to a 3 Year / 36,000 Mile Warranty is available for a small additional charge.